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The Bridal Party

Rosa- Maid of Honor


The first time I met Megan was briefly at a party in college getting into trouble. I had just moved into a new apartment and a week or so later a mutual friend goes “you know your neighbor”, and I was instantly concerned with who it may be. My first impression was thinking, I hope this girl doesn’t turn out to be super annoying… turns out we were both in the music department at Fort Lewis College, and the rest is history! Best piano duet partner, festival buddy and overall best friend a gal could ever dream of. I’m so proud and honored to have you in my life, and I’m indescribably happy you found a partner that can give you all that you deserve through this crazy journey of life. Cheers to happily ever after! 💜


James- Best Man

Groom’s best bud since the 3rd grade. Grew up living 1 minute away from each other, now we’re in a a long distance relationship since my move to the sunshine state. Board sports enthusiast. Most recently, dad to Margaret. Went to high school with both the bride and groom.

Yewelah^wi:se- Bridesmaid


Megan's little sister. My entire life, I've watched Megan grow and learn through every up and every down. I've seen her strength to carry on through the hardships, and I've watched her shine with every achievement she's made in life. And through it all, I've never seen her shine brighter or look happier than she has with Miguel. I've had the privilege of watching these two grow together and fall more and more in love with eachother everyday. The love these two share is something special, and I have no doubt it will only continue to grow with them through this journey of life. Thanks for all you've done for me, Meg. Kunolúhkwa' (I love you)


Wesley- Groomsman 

Miguel's little brother. Husband and father. I have traveled the world and seen enough to know that what these two have with one another is special. It's an honor and I could not be happier than to be by Megan and Miguel's side on their special day.

Isabella- Bridesmaid


Hi I am Isabella, Megan’s younger cousin. I have been blessed to have her in my life since day one. Although my sisters and I were younger than her she always made sure to visit us whenever she was in town to play Barbie’s with us, blast lady Gaga for ultimate dance parties and drive us around while showing us her ‘no hands on the wheel’ trick. Scared the hell out of 10 year old me but also made me realize she was the definition of fun. Every time she’s around she lights up every room with her bubbly personality and obnoxiously loud laugh. With Miguel in the picture her light has only gotten brighter. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things they accomplish together.


Grayne- Groomsman 

Great friendships stand the test of time.  Our friendship started when we were just kids with little on our minds other than skating and causing trouble.  We remained friends through both the good and bad and evolved a mutual respect for each other that can only occur through shared experiences.  Cold drinks and cold nights gave way to good times around the fire. Now as hunting buddies our story continues and will continue for years to come.  There isn't enough time or space to really share the scope of what you mean to me.  A page full of inside jokes would leave readers confused.  Just know I got last hit!

Kory- Flower Dude


I'm Kory. For those that don't know me I'm a long time friend with Miguel and Megan.  I was fortunate to meet these two great people back in middle school. I'm honored to be tasked with such an exciting fun part of their memorable day.


Prashanth- Officiant

I had the honor to separately meet both Megan and Miguel while in middle school. Anyone who met them knew they always had a connection. Throughout high school we all bonded as friends but those two had real chemistry. While the relationship had not fully blossomed, and life had taken them on other paths and cities, I stayed close to both of them in my way. I was in Europe after high school for a decade and during that time Megan and I would have Sunday breakfast calls for her and dinner for me just chatting about recipes and what to cook. For years, it kept us close. Every summer I came back to Green Bay, I would call Miguel and within the hour we were hanging out like we were never apart. Until the day I had my flight, I would see him and we would catch up on life and dream for what will come next. In 2016, Megan had a week of vacation; I said come visit in Hungary and she did! While we only had 6 days total for a music festival in Budapest and to visit Vienna, the memories will last forever. When I had moved back to Green Bay, I was thrilled to learn that their distance and time apart made them realize that they were meant for each other. I feel truly blessed to be able to unite Megan and Miguel together.

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