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The Story of Us

Megan and Miguel met when they were kids who didn't know what love was yet. In 1991, Megan was born in Michigan while Miguel was born in the state of Washington. Green Bay, Wisconsin is where their mothers chose to call home in the 90s/00s on opposite sides of the city. Little did they know, their children were destined to meet.


Megan and Miguel first met passing through the halls of Lombardi Middle school. Miguel was on the shier side, while Megan always spoke her mind. Their attraction started from afar, and through the help of mutual friends, they were able to get closer - eventually becoming great friends. Although silent for years at times, their friendship was never broken. Life pulled them into different directions, but ultimately, they found their way back to each other.


Jumping forward to 2018, they started to talk again. Miguel reached out to his old friend, not realizing Megan was single. Megan invited Miguel to a Kygo concert in Chicago where their friendship was reignited. When they got to the concert venue they looked up at the poster at the same time to be happily surprised by the name of the tour, "Kids in Love." They continued to play it off as friends. Megan was in Madison, WI now while Miguel still in Green Bay. After many long drives, their relationship became official just before Christmas 2019. The pandemic was the following year, and since they both were forced to work from home, they didn't have to think hard about moving in together.


Their apartment was small for three (Lorenzo) and a larger space was much needed. Just before Christmas 2021, they purchased their first home together in Ashwaubenon, WI. The 4 bedroom home was a perfect fit and exactly what they wanted and needed. They settled in to the home but knew they were ready for the next step.


In November 2022, Miguel turned on the string lights in the backyard and asked Megan if she wanted to take a picture; even though they were about to hit the road for a trip to Michigan. Miguel's son, Lorenzo, helped take the "picture." Lorenzo knew he wasn't just going to take a picture and recorded the moment. Miguel got down to his knee and asked Megan if she would marry him. Megan wished she was not in her comfies, but of course said yes!

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